Ethics Board

The aim of the REPHRAIN Ethics Board is to oversee and promote the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of REPHRAIN’s research.

Conducting research to the highest ethical standard – with robust oversight procedures – will be critical to the success of REPHRAIN in addressing its three missions to deliver socio-technical advances for protecting citizens online.

Ethics Committee – Membership

Corinne May-Chahal (Chair) – University of Lancaster
Ewa Luger – University of Edinburgh
David Ellis – University of Bath
Asma Vranaki – University of Bristol
Ingolf Becker – University College London
Yvonne Rigby – University of Bristol
Pam Cowburn – Fair Trials
Robert Schultz-Graham (Secretariat) – University of Bristol

Meeting Schedule

All meetings are subject to change – please check back regularly for updates.

27 April 2021 – 14.00
27 July 2021 – 14.00
26 October 2021 – 14.00

Terms of Reference (to follow)

Ethics Approval Process (to follow)

Ethics Approval Form Template

Resources folder (to follow)

Ethics Board – Members only page