REPHRAIN Masterclasses

REPHRAIN will be running and hosting a series of masterclasses on specialised topics – these sessions will allow a collaborative space for researchers, industry and interested parties to discuss the challenges and best practice principles in specific areas.

These masterclasses will involve our researchers presenting case studies on their work, as well as panel-based / round-table Q&A sessions. The events will be hosted online for the time being and will be free to attend – tickets can be reserved via Eventbrite and the masterclasses will be advertised via this website, our newsletter and our Twitter account.

Please see below for our current schedule – this will be updated and added to, so please check back for regular updates.

2 September 2021  – REPHRAIN Online Harms Masterclass
23 September 2021  – REPHRAIN Masterclass – Using Data Science to study jerks on the Web
3 March 2022 REPHRAIN Masterclass: Law & Regulation and Online Harms
9 March 2022 REPHRAIN Masterclass: Using legal databases to study tech-enabled harms
16 June 2022 REPHRAIN Masterclass: Self-privacy violations in online conversations: definition, roles, and impact during crises
30 June 2022 REPHRAIN Masterclass: Challenges and Frontiers in Algorithmic Transparency