Safety Tech Challenge Fund

REPHRAIN is pleased to announce the release of our Scoping the Evaluation of CSAM Prevention and Detection Tools in the Context of End-to-end-encryption Environments document.

This evaluation criteria document describes the scoping stage of REPHRAIN’s independent evaluation of Proof-of-Concept tools for preventing and detecting child sexual abuse media (CSAM) within end-to-end encryption (E2EE) environments that are currently being developed within five different projects funded by the Safety Tech Challenge Fund.

Given the tensions that arise between protecting vulnerable users and protecting user privacy at large, the key steps in REPHRAIN’s evaluation process are (1) to seek input from the community and (2) to publicly publish all results, whilst ensuring that academic rigour and objectivity remain the core of our work, and to inform future directions in this area.

A full report including all feedback provided by the community, and a discussion on how requests for changes were addressed, including any changes made (if suitable) and what was the rationale if a change was not made will be made available shortly.

Thank you to all who submitted feedback during the consultation period earlier this year – please keep an eye on our news channels for the release of our full report!