The REPHRAIN Toolbox will be a one-stop shared set of resources for researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, regulators and citizens – providing a world-first Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) testbed, datasets, benchmarks, reference scenarios. Testbed / benchmark validated novel tools, methods and prototypes, which will be substantiated as REPHRAIN Evaluated Artefacts providing a blueprint for new rigorous certification programmes, paving the way for market distinguishers for service providers and assurance / trust to consumers.

  • PETs Testbed: A world-first testbed incorporating network and end-nodes on which PETs will be rolled out and evaluated, both from the systems and human experiences viewpoint. Central to this large-scale testbed will be its long-lived multi-application profile to enable researchers to investigate interactions between PETs and the feasibility of privacy-as-a-generic-function that may be used by any application or use case.
  • Datasets: Both public datasets from REPHRAIN’s research and from its partners as well as a secure centralised data repository for any datasets that cannot be released publicly due to underlying concerns about privacy of data subjects. The latter will only be accessible to Centre-affiliated researchers.
  • Benchmarks: A suite of benchmarks (based on the testbed and datasets) will permit researchers to rigorously evaluate their proposed method against standard (scientific, industrial, legal, social, ethical, etc.) metrics to compare and contrast with other methods to understand their true effectiveness.
  • Reference Scenarios: Suitable datasets will be curated and connected to analytic challenges related to online harms and privacy preservation – with automatic evaluations of proposed solutions. These will be open to all depending on the sensitivity of the underlying data – fostering transparent, reproducible analyses and methodological iteration.
  • Methods, Tools & Prototypes: Both from REPHRAIN and the wider research community that have been validated using the testbed, datasets, benchmarks or reference scenarios.

Access will be via an online portal which will join this website in due course.