REPHRAIN Showcase – March 2022

On 16 March, REPHRAIN hosted an in-person showcase for the first time!

This showcase involved a show and tell from the REPHRAIN Projects (from both our Inaugural Projects and those from our first Strategic Funding Call), a demonstration of the REPHRAIN Testbed and an illustration of the current REPHRAIN Map, as well as keynote talks from those in the wider community (links below) – attendees had the chance to discuss this work with the research staff themselves, as well as sharing in the key insights and outcomes produced by this vital research.

Thank you to all for helping to put together this event – these contributions were vital in shaping our research and our community.

Introduction to REPHRAIN – (Professor Awais Rashid)
REPHRAIN Map Showcase Presentation – Progress Update – (Dr Marvin Ramokapane, Dr Andrés Domínguez, Emily Johnstone, Emily Godwin)
REPHRAIN Testbed Presentation – Overview – (Dr Joe Gardiner & Dr Partha Das Chowdhury)
Keynote Speech – Sociodigital Futures – (Professor Susan Halford)
AUTAPP: Automated Detection of Online Harms for Social Media Applications – (Dr Claudia Peersman & Dr Rohit Nautiyal)
Automatic Misinformation Detection – (Dr Dan Nielsen & Dr Ryan McConville)
Understanding the Role of Contexts in Managing Privacy Online – (Dr Gideon Ogunniye & Dr Nadin Kokciyan)
Exploring Computer-mediated Communication Interfaces that Reduce Toxic Interactions – (Dr Matthew Higgs)
Psychological Microtargeting in Online Environments – (Dr Adam Sutton & Dr Stephan Lewandowsky)
Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud – (Dr Aydin Abadi)
PhishEd Project Presentation – (Dr Adam Jenkins & Dr Nadin Kokciyan)

Please contact with any questions about this event or any of the above presentations.