Leadership Team

REPHRAIN’s leadership team members drive the fundamentals across technical, social, behavioural, policy and regulatory research on privacy, PETs and online harms: Computer Science (Rashid, De Cristofaro, Murdoch, Elahi, Such) approaches to privacy, PETs, explainable AI, usable privacy and tools to protect vulnerable users; International Relations (Carr) with a focus on digital technologies and policy; Law (Vranaki) specialising in the legal and regulatory implications of modern digital technologies; Psychology (Stanton Fraser, Williams) of trust, identity, social interaction and the human aspects of security & privacy; Management (Joinson) with expertise in human and organisational factors; Design (Nissen) examining data literacy, product and interaction design; Digital Humanities (Coté) on privacy, explainability and the social and cultural dimensions of data and AI.

Prof Awais Rashid | Director       

Prof Madeline Carr | Deputy Director

Dr Mark Coté

Prof Emiliano De Cristofaro

Dr Tariq Elahi

Prof Adam Joinson

Prof Steven Murdoch

Dr Bettina Nissen

Dr Richard Owen

Prof Danaë Stanton Fraser

Dr José Such

Dr Asma Vranaki