Strategic Funding Calls

Strategic Funding Calls

The first call of the REPHRAIN Strategic Funding programme is now closed. This call was a huge success – thank you to all the applicants! This was an incredibly strong field, with many interesting and significant proposals.

Successful proposals will be announced shortly, with further details regarding the next funding call round expected to open at the end of 2021.

This call will commission projects that relate to REPHRAIN’s missions and research challenges.

Proposals that focus on the following themes that have emerged from the scoping work undertaken are particularly encouraged:

  • Testbeds for detecting, disrupting and investigating online harm
  • Novel awareness mechanisms
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution mechanisms
  • Establishing scalable trust
  • Data minimisation and deletion in online platforms

The total funding for this call is £500,000 (at 100% fEC), of which 80% will be funded by REPHRAIN. We expect to fund multiple proposals from this fund and will consider larger proposals that address more than one topic area.  All funded projects must be completed by 30 June 2022.

Full details of the call can be found in the documents below.

Call document
Terms and conditions
Proposal submission template


Will there be any more funding calls following this one?

This is the first of three expected Strategic Funding Calls. We expect to launch one at the end of 2021 and another in summer 2022. All details we be published on the website in due course.

Should the £500k cover all projects that are funded or each project that is funded?

For the first Strategic Funding call, £500k is the total fund amount for all projects. This is £500k fEC with REPHRAIN funding at 80% fEC.

How many projects do you expect to fund? Maximum indicative costs of a project?

All proposals will go through peer review and final decision panel and awarded based on their quality against the assessment criteria. We expect (but are not limited too) a maximum award of 100K.

Is there an expected for proposals to have support letters from multiple industry partners at time of submission?

Industry partners cannot be funded directly from the Strategic Funding Call so contribution must be in kind or direct funds. Letters of support should be submitted where required to supplement the proposal.

Can SME companies be involved in the funding call?

Yes, we welcome proposals that involve engagement with external stakeholders including SMEs, although direct funding cannot be provided.