Project Showcase – November 2021

On 3 November, the REPHRAIN team hosted a Project Showcase of our research, where staff from our Inaugural Projects provided a status update on their innovative research and researchers from our first Strategic Funding Call were able to introduce themselves and their nascent projects to the community.

In addition to this being an opportunity for our research teams to present some of their impactful findings, expanding on content found in our publications section, this also allowed us to strengthen our bonds with our industry partners and build collaborative networks where we can help each other to design cutting-edge approaches and develop new ideas.

A diverse range of our projects were able to present at this event, including presentations from our Map and Testbed teams – a sample of these can be found below.

Testbed Presentation
Map Presentation
ACCEPT Presentation
CLARITI Presentation
COVSAF Presentation
HARM Presentation
PAYMENT Presentation
PORTAS Presentation
PriXR Presentation

In addition to our REPHRAIN staff, this event was also an opportunity for some of the excellent students from the University of Bristol’s Cybersecurity CDT to present some of their own work and gather feedback from a room of leading experts – these posters can be seen below:

Poster – Candidate Johnstone
Poster – Candidate Mazeli
Poster – Candidate Godwin
Poster – Candidate Wojtczak

If you have any questions about our Project Showcase or would like to discuss any of the above presentations further, please get in touch with the REPHRAIN team on