REPHRAIN Showcase – January 2023

REPHRAIN hosted a successful signature Showcase on January 19th 2023 at Goodenough College.

The open showcase involved presentations from our researchers, workshops and discussions involving our external partners – a whole range of activities to provide our researchers and the wider community the platform to exhibit and celebrate their excellent work and the progress we’ve made as a Centre. The vast majority of our our projects were represented at this event – thank you to all for their contributions in making this a successful event!

A copy of the presentations can be found below – there was also a large poster presentation, which we’ll add as we receive them.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

REPHRAIN OverviewProfessor Awais Rashid
REPHRAIN Map Show and TellDr Marvin Ramokapane and Dr Andrés Domínguez
REPHRAIN TestbedDr Joe Gardiner
Cart-ology: Intercepting Targeted Advertising via Ad Network Identity Entanglement Professor Damon McCoy
Evaluation of CSAM Prevention and Detection Tools in the Context of E2EE Environments – Dr Claudia Peersman
3PO Project OverviewDr Marcel Obst and Dr Kris Christmann
AGENCY Project OverviewDr Cristina Neesham

AP4L Project OverviewProfessor Nishanth Sastry
PRIME Project OverviewDr Sara Bailey

Poster Presentation

CMA 1990
Governing Digital Immortality
Investigating Nation State Cyber Attacks Against Space Infrastructure


Privacy Labels for Home IoT Devices