Launch event

The REPHRAIN team hosted an online launch event on Thursday 29 October, welcoming an audience from government, industry and academia.

Morning Session

Opening: Prof Hugh Brady, Vice Chancellor (University of Bristol)

Intro and Q & A: Prof Awais Rashid, Director of REPHRAIN (University of Bristol)*

Research on Privacy Enhancing Technology in the German National Centre for Cybersecurity – ATHENE: Prof Mira Mezini (ATHENE)*

* Available on YouTube below
Afternoon Session

Computer Security for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Dr Damon McCoy (New York University)

Panel Discussion: Prof Madeline Carr, Deputy Director of REPHRAIN (UCL)

Scoping sessions: Focus Groups held in smaller breakout rooms*

* videos of each project were shown at the start of each sessions – Available on YouTube below