A live version of the Map can be found here – please note that the Map is still currently in beta.

The REPHRAIN Map is a living resource of knowledge around the areas of privacy, harms and risks online. The Map provides a shared understanding of this landscape, establishing a baseline of current state-of-the-art. The content of the map is co-created and routinely updated by researchers within REPHRAIN, based on developments within the field and community feedback.

The current list of harms, risks and vulnerabilities reflects the research being conducted within the Centre and used the UK online harms bill and Solove’s taxonomy of privacy as its starting point. This list will continually evolve as more projects join REPHRAIN and outcomes emerge. Each of the items in the map includes definitions, relevant literature and ongoing projects, as well as useful tools and approaches.

We are actively looking for feedback and contributions to bolster this vital resource, please contact with any comments or suggestions.