REPHRAIN Festival of Privacy – March 2024

REPHRAIN Research Centre have commissioned the below video to celebrate the first ever REPHRAIN Festival of Privacy, run in partnership with the Jean Golding Institute at the University of Bristol!

Hosted at the MShed in Bristol on March 26 2024, the public was invited to take part in fun, interactive sessions on how to make sense of the internet, apps and online technology. Participants were able to learn about privacy with games, discover data through visualisations and take part in our hands-on workshops on the metaverse, virtual/augmented reality, privacy and much more!

Activities included:

  • a self-assessment tool for public-facing professionals on social media!
  • an immersive experience on misinformation in VR!
  • demonstrations on encryption and private browsing!
  • workshops on the social risks of the metaverse!
  • research-led discussions on photorealistic avatars and NFT fashion!
  • fun and intriguing games on data visualisation and data privacy in mobile apps!
  • clinics on how to protect your privacy!
  • thought-provoking group activities on the ethics of data science!
  • inspiring videos from University of Bristol students on the concept of digital life!
  • first-hand experience of the REPHRAIN Map and Testbed!

An itinerary from this event can be found here – thanks to all those who came along to see how our work is serving the community!

If you have any questions, please send these to – see you there!