Exploring Consumer Views of Unacceptable Use of PETs-related Data by Legitimate Organisations

Katharina Burger, Claudia Peersman, Baraa Zieni – University of Bristol

This project aims to investigate consumer perspectives on the use and sharing of PETs-related data by various types of ‘legitimate’ organisations. In particular, it will explore consumer views on aspects such as:

  • The different types of data arising from different types of PETs;
  • The use of this data for different purposes by different actors (e.g., private sector/commercial organisations versus governmental organisations versus non-governmental organisations);
  • The potential existence of context-specific boundaries and nuances regarding what is, and is not, considered acceptable sharing and use of this data by organisations (e.g., when can this information be shared? With who? How should this be communicated to users?);
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence for user data analysis (e.g., the rise of so-called “filter-bubbles” of poor-quality or unwanted content);
  • PETs and children’s rights (e.g., data collection and analysis by smart toys, social media dedicated to children such as YouTube Kids, but also, what should be done with collected data that reveal abuse or self-harming behaviour of a child?).