Katharina Burger

Dr Katharina Burger is a Lecturer in the School of Management at the University of Bristol. She is also the City Futures Lead at the Cabot Institute. Kat holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (Smart and Sustainable Cities), an MSc in Programme and Project Management and a BCom in Commercial Management. She has prior industry experience in risk- and value management. Kat’s research area is Behavioural Operational Research, which focuses on decision aiding processes and she has a particular interest in participatory methods for group decision support. She has published on the role of data- and technology-rich decision-making contexts for operational research, i.e. a  SMART OR (e.g., The European Journal of Operational Research), and recently co-edited a book on a Capabilities Approach to Behavioural Operational Research. Kat’s current research focuses on understanding choice behaviour in the context of transportation systems, and she has received ESRC and EPSRC funding for her research.