Suzanne Weller

Suzanne Weller leads the Privitar Labs team, a technical innovation team dedicated to the research and development of advanced, practical solutions to challenging data privacy problems.

Privitar leads the way in Modern Data Provisioning, combining people, processes and technology to enable efficient, effective and responsible use of data. Innovation in privacy research is crucial in meeting the needs of our customers to safely utilise data and the team focuses on this area. Privitar Labs are developing solutions including approaches to understand and mitigate privacy risks, methods to securely link and compute over de-centralised datasets, and techniques to reduce privacy risk in unstructured data.

Suzanne is also a member of the UK Royal Society Working Group on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, which brings together an expert group to explore the potential of the application of Privacy Enhancing Technologies to different sectors enabling research and innovation while protecting sensitive information.

Prior to joining Privitar, Suzanne has held positions as a leader, engineer and researcher in numerous software start-ups in the legal and marketing sectors. Her career has focused on developing innovative software for data-driven enterprise applications using techniques in data privacy, advanced analytics and machine learning.