Ruby Farr

Ruby Farr has 11 years of experience of designing, implementing and evaluating community development co-production approaches with diverse and vulnerable populations across London, as well as supporting bespoke training and knowledge-exchanges across Europe.  She has a degree in criminology, a Masters in public health, and passed her PhD VIVA exam in 2022. Ruby’s PhD focused on the life-long impacts of adverse childhood experiences on civic engagement and wellbeing. Ruby has led university modules in research methods, and has disseminated multi-disciplinary findings to a wide range of audiences, including at community events, stakeholder workshops, academic reports and policy briefs, conference abstracts, published academic papers and book chapters. While Ruby is predominantly a qualitative researcher, she has extensive experience of both designing and implementing quantitative research and mixed-method evaluations. Ruby’s expertise includes conducting complex qualitative research with a range of hard to reach participants. She has played a vital role in the design and delivery of award-winning and internationally recognized community development frameworks. Ruby is passionate about exploring the impact of the environment (including online and offline communities) on human behaviour. She has applied this passion in recent years to a European Commission project focused on exploring the human drivers of youth cybercriminality, taking a leading role on delivering some of the project’s complex qualitative elements. The psychological and sociological evolution of deviant and criminal behaviours throughout the life course is of particular interest to Ruby; especially the application of traditional criminological theories and perspectives to the ever-changing world of technology and cyberspace.