Rohit Nautiyal

Rohit is vastly experienced in conceptualising, managing and developing data analytics solutions across multiple domains. Rohit has previously led a team in developing AI-based solutions on RDF frameworks, as well as crawling open web sources and social media platforms to study ontological relationships within the OSINT framework.

Rohit has also developed systematic address standardisations that can structure any address irrespective of noise, misplaced address hierarchies, abbreviations, incorrect spellings into a standard form to solve micro-penetration problem of B2C-focused brands.

Rohit’s experience has fostered skills in the following: knowledge management system, Machine learning and Python, Spark, NLP, NLU, text mining, CDRINT.

Of particular relevance to his work in the AUTAPP project, Rohit’s work has harnessed publicly available unstructured data, with particular focus on ‘human behaviour indicators’ (relationships, opinions, trends, etc), to identify deceptive users, scammers and online grooming on social media platforms.