Rachiyta Jain

Rachiyta Jain is a computer science engineer and a lawyer, with specialization in cyber laws, who is passionate about using the integration of her skills to research about issues surrounding technology and law. She recently completed her LLM in Innovation, Technology and Law from the University of Edinburgh. Rachiyta deeply cares about addressing legal issues surrounding privacy, content regulation, and individual rights on online platforms. Her recent research interests also include exploring social, ethical and legal issues arising from the use of AI in various domains.

Rachiyta has had the opportunity to user her technical skills for research on cybersecurity. Specifically, she produced two technical research papers, based on sensitive and live incidents. She worked on linux server administration and implemented an Intrusion Detection System for USB Attach attacks and Fake Broadcasts (MITM) on NIC Servers. She also did a research on Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) wherein she assessed the vulnerability, mimicked the attack, exploited a target machine, and formulated recommendation for strategic response.

She is the Co-Founder of The Cyber Blog India, a nationally recognized blog in the domain of cyber law, cyber security and cyber forensics in India. She has an experience of leading capacity building programs in collaboration with public and private entities to build collective resilience among netizens through education and awareness. Rachiyta was also appointed the Cyber Cell Ambassador of Saharanpur District by SSP Shri Nitin Tiwari during his tenure, post which she went ahead to train the Law Enforcement Agency of Uttar Pradesh on cyber security. She has also trained the law enforcement officers of Telangana and Gujrat in partnership with UNICEF and CPF on investigating cyber crimes involving juveniles and authored police training manual titled “Cyber Crime Against Children and Investigation Methodologies for Law Enforcement Agencies”.

She has been awarded the Cyber Blogger of the Year award by the Government of Maharashtra. She was also the winner of the Social Media for Empowerment Award in “online safety” category. Additionally her work to digitally empower rural communities in India was awarded by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, who gave her the Mahila Shiksha Suraksha Award (Women Education and Safety Award).