Partha Das Chowdhury

Dr. Partha Das Chowdhury received a PhD with a dissertation on “Anonymity and Trust in the Electronic World” at the University of Hertfordshire. He won a competitive scholarship for his PhD studies in the U.K. at international rates. Partha was invited as an expert to the Commonwealth Working Group on Interception of Communication and related matters at Marlboro House, London. Since 2008, Partha has been a hands-on technology consultant with over 12 years in implementing cyber physical systems in very adverse environmental conditions. He has led academia industry collaborative projects with Jadavpur University. Some of his significant implementations are for large city traffic organization, container freight management companies and one of the largest steel companies globally. He has testified as an expert in well-known trials and inquiries. Partha is active researcher with publications at reputed venues including the International Security Protocols workshop (now) held annually at Trinity College, Cambridge. He has also demonstrated an interdisciplinary understanding of security systems through his publications. He also comes with substantial teaching experience for UK universities. Partha was associated with the Center for 4th Industrial revolution, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. He has been one of the contributors for the Blockchain toolkit development team.