Gideon Ogunniye

Gideon Ogunniye is a Research Associate on CONTEXT project at the Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Institute (AIAI), School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. The project focuses on understanding the role of contexts in managing privacy online. Gideon Ogunniye completed his PhD at University of Aberdeen, UK, which was about modelling trust and trust dialogues using augmentation theories. Prior to working on the CONTEXT project, he worked as a Research Associate on ReEnTrust project. He has worked on a variety of issues relating to the following themes: i) knowledge representation and reasoning, ii) argumentation theories, iii) argumentation-based agent dialogues, iv) trust computing and reputation mechanisms, v) explainable and responsible AI, vi) agent communication and language semantics, vii) AI ethics, viii) Machine reasoning, and ix) human-computer interaction.