Beate Grawemeyer

Beate Grawemeyer is a lecturer in Computer Science at Coventry University – her research work is at the intersection of computer science with artificial intelligence and human computer interaction. Beate is particularly interested in involving users in the design process of AI-supported educational technology.

In the past, Beate has carried out a range of research projects in this area. One was a maths tutoring system young adults with autism spectrum disorder, who were involves as co-designers (funded by EPSRC at the University of Bath). Another project developed affect aware support for an exploratory learning environment for learning fractions (iTalk2learn funded by European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme at Birkbeck, University of London). Recently, Beate was involved in the REPHRAIN project on social explainability for trustworthy AI for adults using participatory design techniques (SOXAI).

Beate’s current work for REPHRAIN is about developing AI explanations for special needs in technology enhanced learning. Participatory design will be used to develop the AI explanations. Children with special needs, parents and teachers will be involved in the design process. The aim is to empower users and stakeholders to make an informed decision about whether to engage with the AI technology. More details can be found below.

AI explanations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems (AIEX)

It is important to understand how software can be made responsible, inclusive and ethical for its users. The research challenge driving this work is to understand the individual needs of users (children with special needs) and stakeholders (parents and teachers) for explanations of the artificial intelligence (AI) used by tutoring systems. This will inform and empower their engagement with AI systems used in education.

Participatory design techniques will be used to develop the AI explanations. Children with special needs as well as their parents and teachers will be included in the design process.