Barney Craggs

Dr Barney Craggs‘ research looks to how cyber security risks might be identified and mitigated through the use of human factors & ergonomics knowledge and methodology from other, mature, safety-aware industries. Together, these practices form the basis for security ergonomics – a set of design principles for building safe and secure cyber physical systems. Within this field his current research space looks to security cultures and the impact these have upon organisations, people and practice.

Alongside his own research interests, Barney is also:

  • Researcher for the Bristol Cyber Security Group’s portfolio of cyber physical projects. In this he has responsibility for the design and build of our class-leading infrastructures testbed used for studying the cyber security of critical national infrastructure. As part of this he also maintains an international research profile, and has a consistent participation within the UK’s Industrial Control Systems community.
  • part of the core leadership team for the joint University of Bristol / University of Bath Cyber Security Centre for Doctoral Training In Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security of Large-Scale Infrastructures.
  • actively involved in collaborative programmes with a wide range of industrial and governmental partners.