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The REPHRAIN Scoping Document will soon be released for public review and comment. This document combines insights from our workshops and literary review and will inform the EPSRC Protecting Citizens Online funding call by identififying potential research challenges and themes.

22 March, 2021 – New white paper by the REPHRAIN Practitioner-in Residence, Erik van de Sandt

Towards Data Scientific Investigations: A Comprehensive Data Science Framework and Case Study for Investigating Organized Crime and Serving the Public Interest

Prepared by Erik van de Sandt, Arthur van Bunningen, Jarmo van Lenthe, John Fokker

Abstract: Big Data problems thwart the effectiveness of today’s organized crime investigations. A frequently proposed solution is the introduction of ‘smart’ data science technologies to process raw data into factual evidence. This transition to – what we call – data scientific investigations is nothing less than a paradigm shift for law enforcement agencies, and cannot be done alone. Yet a common language for data scientific investigations is so far missing. This white paper therefore presents guiding principles and best practices for data scientific investigations of organized crime, developed and put into practice by operational experts over several years, while connecting to existing law enforcement and industry standards. The associated framework is called CSAE (pronounced as ‘see-say’): a comprehensive framework that consists of a business process, methodology, policy agenda and public interest philosophy for data scientific operations.

Paper available for download here.

19 March, 2021 – Call for Peer Reviewers

Deadline: 15 April 2021

We are seeking to appoint a range of interdisciplinary reviewers to join REPHRAIN’s College of Peer Reviewers. The remit of the College will be to provide rigorous, quality reviews for all proposals submitted to the REPHRAIN Strategic Funding programme. The Strategic Funding programme will run three separate funding calls over the duration of the programme and reviewers from the College will be selected for each call based on area of expertise and relevance to the call topics.

REPHRAIN welcomes applications from:

  • Colleagues who are experienced in submitting and/or evaluating large research proposals from an interdisciplinary perspective with an active research track record.
  • Colleagues from partner organisations who have an interest in or experience of working with higher education providers.
  • Early career staff who may not have significant experience but can contributed to the review process and use this as an opportunity for personal and professional development.

More information can be found here.