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REPHRAIN Strategic Funding Call – open now!

We are very pleased to announce that the first REPHRAIN Strategic Funding Call is now open.

Since its launch, the REPHRAIN Centre team has been engaging in a series of scoping activities – involving consultation workshops as well as literature reviews with the aim of identifying priority areas for the first REPHRAIN Strategic Funding Call.

Full details of the call, topics and submission process are now available here.

The total funding for this call is £500,000 (at 100% fEC), of which 80% will be funded by REPHRAIN. We expect to fund multiple proposals from this fund and will consider larger proposals that address more than one topic area.  All funded projects must be completed by 30 June 2022.

Proposals should be submitted by 4pm on 21 May 2021.

Call open: 19 April 2021
Call closes: 21 May 2021
Decision panel: w/c 21 June 2021
Successful applicants notified: w/c 28 June 2021
Projects to start from: 05 July 2021

22 March, 2021 – New white paper by the REPHRAIN Practitioner-in Residence, Erik van de Sandt

Towards Data Scientific Investigations: A Comprehensive Data Science Framework and Case Study for Investigating Organized Crime and Serving the Public Interest

Prepared by Erik van de Sandt, Arthur van Bunningen, Jarmo van Lenthe, John Fokker

Abstract: Big Data problems thwart the effectiveness of today’s organized crime investigations. A frequently proposed solution is the introduction of ‘smart’ data science technologies to process raw data into factual evidence. This transition to – what we call – data scientific investigations is nothing less than a paradigm shift for law enforcement agencies, and cannot be done alone. Yet a common language for data scientific investigations is so far missing. This white paper therefore presents guiding principles and best practices for data scientific investigations of organized crime, developed and put into practice by operational experts over several years, while connecting to existing law enforcement and industry standards. The associated framework is called CSAE (pronounced as ‘see-say’): a comprehensive framework that consists of a business process, methodology, policy agenda and public interest philosophy for data scientific operations.

Paper available for download here.